Together, our team has a diverse range of skills and experience, allowing us to provide comprehensive services to our clients. We work collaboratively to deliver high-quality results and exceed our clients' expectations.

Our Team44

Simaira Kusmulu

Business and Brand Consultant
As a Business and Brand consultant, Simaira Kusmulu brings a wealth of experience to our team. She has a proven track record of helping businesses develop and implement effective branding strategies, and has worked with a wide range of clients across various industries.

Sunil Rai

Marketing Specialist
Our Marketing Specialist, has a strong background in digital marketing and has successfully executed numerous campaigns for various businesses. He has a talent for analyzing market trends and consumer behavior to develop effective marketing strategies.

Harshad Patil

Web Developer
Our Web Developer, brings a wealth of technical expertise to our team. He has a strong background in web development and has experience creating high-quality, responsive websites for various clients.

Alvita Salis

Project Manager
Our Project Manager, has a strong background in project management and has been instrumental in ensuring that our projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest standard. She has a talent for leading teams and managing complex projects.

Jyoti Attam

Administrative Staff
Our Administrative Staff, provides crucial support to our team. She has excellent organizational skills and is responsible for managing our office operations, scheduling, and administrative tasks.

Sandesh Mhatre

Graphics Designer
Our skilled Graphic Designer who has a keen eye for detail and a creative flair. He has experience designing logos, marketing materials, and other visual content for various clients across different industries.

Yash Parmar

Bringing artistic finesse to the digital realm, Yash Parmar is the heartbeat of our visual storytelling.

Sahil Padwal

Social Media Executive
In the fast-paced world of social media, Sahil Padwal is our digital voice and social strategist extraordinaire.

Archana Gupta

Marketplace Management
Navigating the e-commerce seas, Archana is the captain steering your products to success. From optimizing listings to forging partnerships, Archana is dedicated to maximizing your brand's visibility and revenue in the vast online marketplace landscape.

Neeti Sah

SEO Maestro
In the ever-evolving landscape of digital visibility, Neeti Sah stands as our SEO luminary. With a data-driven approach and an insatiable curiosity for algorithmic nuances, Neeti orchestrates the symphony of search engine optimization.